[Online] NEW! Introduction to Building Decarbonization (MENA)


Course Description Introduction to Building Decarbonization demystifies the primary sources of carbon emissions in buildings and explains the key drivers for decarbonization. The course focuses on the framework of decarbonization—including key definitions and distinct scopes that drive sustainable practices. Learn about ASHRAE's role in disseminating vital decarbonization insights, emphasizing the urgency of combatting climate change, and […]

[Online] Commissioning Process in new & Existing Buildings (MENA)


Course Description: This course focuses on how the building commissioning process can be applied cost-effectively to new construction and to existing facilities, with a strong emphasis on existing facilities applications. The fundamentals of the commissioning process through each step of a new construction project, from predesign to occupancy and operations will be introduced. Find out […]

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